Abstract for IBM Knowledge Center for z/OS Configuration and User Guide

This information supports IBM® Knowledge Center for z/OS®, product number 5650-ZOS.

Purpose of this information: This information is intended to help you configure and use Knowledge Center for z/OS. This information also provides help for troubleshooting problems related to the use of Knowledge Center for z/OS.

Who should read this information? This information is intended for the system programmer responsible for configuring and using Knowledge Center for z/OS, and diagnosing problems with the product. This document assumes that you are familiar with the z/OS operating system and its accompanying products.

This information is intended for installations that install Knowledge Center for z/OS from a Custom-Built Product Delivery Option (CBPDO) software delivery package. If you receive Knowledge Center for z/OS as part of a ServerPac order, much of this configuration work is performed for you as part of a ServerPac post-install step. If you are using ServerPac, use the jobs and documentation supplied with your order. That documentation might refer you to specific sections of this document as required.