Help with security setup

In SYS1.SAMPLIB, the ZUPRSEC job represents the security definitions and authorizations that are needed for enabling the Cloud Provisioning functions. The job contains sample RACF commands for creating the required security authorizations.

Ask your security administrator to make a copy of this job and edit it for your environment.

Your security administrator can run the job to perform the following security setup actions:
  • Define the required SAF resource profiles.
  • Create the corresponding SAF security groups.
  • Grant the appropriate authorizations.

As an alternative to running the IZUPRSEC job, your security administrator can perform the security setup manually. If so, see Steps for setting up security for instructions.

If your installation uses a security manager other than RACF, your security administrator can refer to the IZUPRSEC job for examples when creating equivalent commands for the security management product on your system.