Requirements for zCX

Hardware requirements

z/OS Container Extensions requires an IBM z14 or higher based server with Container Hosting Foundation (hardware feature code 0104). This feature code includes service and support for the underlying Linux kernel and zCX appliance, as well as unlimited zCX usage in the central processor complex (CPC) across all LPARs. This hardware feature can be ordered from the eConfig Fulfillment System. Start of changeMonthly License Charge (MLC) pricing is available with IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS. See Software requirements.End of change If you have a z14 or higher processor but do not have feature code 0104, you can enable the zCX trial and experiment with zCX for 90 days. Details can be found in zCX Trial.

Virtualization layer

The virtualization layer required for zCX is shipped in the z/OS BCP base HBB77C0 as new parts and has the new Comp ID 5752-SCCON. The virtualization layer has the 3-character prefix GLZ.

Software requirements

zCX is shipped as a new element of z/OS in the new FMID: HZDC7C0. This includes the Linux kernel and Docker Engine (5752-SCCDE) as well as the z/OSMF Workflow (5752-SCCWF). The software has the 3-character prefix AZD. All systems in the sysplex on which you will deploy zCX must be at the z/OS V2R4 level. Start of changeIBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS delivers Monthly License Charge (MLC) pricing to satisfy the requirement for the Z hardware feature code 0104.End of change