Deprovision the software services instance

Deprovision the test instance to free up resources.

About this task

Remember, this instance was the result of your test run, which you did to ensure that the template worked correctly. So, you do not need to keep the provisioned instance around. The ultimate goal is to make the template available for consumers to use, to provision software that they require. Deprovisioning the instance also means that it no longer counts toward the limit defined for your CICS SMSS service in Resource Management.


  1. In the software service instances table, select the deprovision action for the instance.
    1. Click the checkbox for the instance in the instances table.
    2. Click Actions to display a menu.
    3. Select Perform, then deprovision.
      The actions that are available with Perform are defined in the actions definition file that is associated with the template. These typically include deprovision.
    4. On the Perform deprovision page, click OK to deprovision the instance.
    The Perform action has a secondary menu that includes deprovision.
  2. Click Close.
    This returns you to the Software Services Instances page. The current status of the software service instance is deprovision-in-Progress. It will take approximately 5 minutes for the state to change to provisioned.
  3. On the Software Services Instances page, click Refresh until the status of the instance changes to Deprovisioned.