Abstract for z/OS UNIX System Service User's Guide

Purpose of this information

This information offers an introduction to the two shells available on z/OS® UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX): the shell and the tcsh shell. It provides the information you need to use the z/OS Shells and Utilities on an IBM® z/OS system. The Shells and Utilities and TSO/E (Time Sharing Option Extensions) provide commands for using z/OS UNIX. It also helps you use the functions specified in the POSIX.2 standard (IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 and ISO/IEC 9945-1992 International Standard; Portable Operating System Interface [POSIX] Part 2: Shell and Utilities). For convenience, it also describes other z/OS UNIX support services.

Who should read this information?

This information is for application programmers, systems programmers, and users working on a z/OS system and using z/OS UNIX services or the z/OS shells. It assumes that readers are familiar with the z/OS system and with the information for z/OS and its accompanying products.