Configure the console services

To use the consoles services and the Operator Console UI task, you must perform the setup steps that are described in this topic.

Dependencies on other z/OSMF services

The console services require the following services to be configured:

Security setup

To assist you with performing the security setup, IBM provides the sample security job IZUGCSEC in SYS1.SAMPLIB.

Do the following:
  1. Make a copy of this job.
  2. Review and edit the job, if necessary.
  3. Submit the job as a batch job on your z/OS system.

Ensure that the IZUGCSEC job completes with return code 0000. To verify, check the results of the job execution in the job log, for example, by using SDSF.

Host system customization

The z/OS common event adapter (CEA) service must be configured and started in full-function mode to run this service, as described in Ensure that common event adapter (CEA) is configured and active.

Also, customize the z/OS host system as described in Updating z/OS for the z/OS Operator Consoles task.

Note: If your system uses JES3 as its primary subsystem, and you find that jobs are not running, verify that JES3 is configured to allow multiple jobs with the same name. The JES3 option DUPJOBNM option must be set to YES. For more information, see the note about JES3 in Host system customization.

Optional extensions to this service