Service policy for the IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element

Start of changez/OS includes a copy of the IBM Liberty server runtime, which is referred to as the IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element of z/OS. Unlike the WebSphere Liberty component of WebSphere Application Server, the Liberty Embedded base element is supported for use by IBM products only. It can also be used with customer applications without IBM service support, and only in accordance with the z/OS Licensed Program Specifications, which is available in IBM Resource Link at the following page: .End of change

Important differences exist in the frequency and method by which WebSphere Liberty (the WebSphere component) and Liberty Embedded (the z/OS base element) are serviced by IBM:
  • Service for WebSphere Liberty is provided by IBM on a continuous delivery basis. Maintenance levels can include both service fixes and new function. As of 2019, maintenance levels for WebSphere Liberty are delivered as often as every month. IBM supports the prior two years of maintenance levels. Thus, you must upgrade to a new maintenance level of WebSphere Liberty at least every two years to be eligible for corrective service (interim fixes) and full product support. For more information, see Software Support Lifecycle Policy for WebSphere Liberty.
  • Service for Liberty Embedded is provided by IBM approximately twice a year as SMP/E installable PTFs. When the PTFs are issued, they are included in the z/OS Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU), according to the schedule described in Maintenance after installation. Only the two most recent maintenance levels are supported, meaning that one or more PTFs for Liberty Embedded are expected to be installed at least every year. Liberty Embedded fixes and new functions, including IBM Product Security Incident Response (PSIRT) APARs, are provided only for the two most recent PTF levels.

These rules apply only to installations with IBM products that use the Liberty Embedded base element. The rules do not apply for a separately licensed copy of WebSphere Liberty or a copy of WebSphere Liberty that is contained in another IBM product.