Abstract for Resource Measurement Facility Report Analysis

Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) is a performance management tool that measures selected areas of system activity and presents the data collected in the form of System Management Facility (SMF) records, formatted printed reports, or formatted display reports. You can use this data to evaluate system performance and identify reasons for performance problems.

This information describes all RMF reports in detail, how to generate them, what they contain, their options, and how to use them.

For information about starting RMF and session options, see z/OS RMF Reporter User's Guide.

Who should read this information

This information is intended for the system programmer and performance analyst responsible for measuring and improving system performance. Because RMF is a tool for measuring z/OS system performance, this publication assumes that the reader has extensive knowledge of the z/OS system. For an overview of RMF, see z/OS RMF Reporter User's Guide.

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