DUMPDS command

Use the DUMPDS command to:
  • Change the system's list of dump data sets and resources
  • Clear full SYS1.DUMP data sets and make them available for dumps
  • Set up and alter the configuration of automatic dump data set allocation
  1. You must issue the DUMPDS command from a console with SYSTEM authority.
  2. SVC dump supports pre-allocated dump data sets and automatically allocated dump data sets.

    Pre-allocated dump data sets are direct access data sets with names of the form SYS1.DUMPxx, where xx can be any decimal number from 00-99. You can allocate SYS1.DUMPxx data sets with both primary and secondary extents. When you allocate a dump data set, specify enough secondary extents to hold the entire dump. Also, specify RECFM=FB, LRECL=4160 and BLKSIZE=4160.

    When automatic allocation is active, the dump is written to SMS-managed storage or to DASD volumes. The system allocates dump data sets of the correct size at the time a dump is requested. No pre-allocation is required for them.

  3. A DUMPDS CLEAR or DUMPDS DEL command has no effect on any data set that is receiving an SVC dump when you issue the command.
  4. Symbol substitution is supported on all sub-operands (e.g., ADD, ALLOC, ...) of the DUMPDS command except NAME=. (No substitution is done for the DD NAME=name-pattern command because the name-pattern may contain symbols that need to be passed through unchanged. See Setting the name-pattern for dump data sets for more information about the NAME= sub-operand of the DUMPDS command.)