Abstract for z/OS for Security Server RACF Messages and Codes

This information supports z/OS® (5650-ZOS) and contains information about the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®), which is part of z/OS Security Server.

Purpose of this information

This information includes the messages, abend codes, RACF manager return codes, and RACF utility return codes produced by the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) component.

If you need explanations of return codes from RACF macros, see z/OS Security Server RACROUTE Macro Reference.

Intended audience

This information is intended for anyone who uses Security Server RACF and wants to know what caused a message to be displayed and what corrective action, if any, needs to be taken.

How to use this information

The messages and codes in this information are organized into sections so that the documentation can be separated for easy use according to the needs of the installation.

Messages are generally arranged in alphanumeric order by message identifier.

Most RACF messages have message identifiers. If you receive a message without a message identifier, your system might be suppressing the display of message numbers. Enter the following command and re-create the condition that caused the message to be displayed: PROFILE WTPMSG MSGID

If you have a message identifier, you might find the index helpful in finding the message itself.

In this information: