Abstract for z/OS Security Server RACF Auditor's Guide

Purpose of this information

This document supports z/OS® (5650-ZOS) and contains information about the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®), which is part of the Security Server. The Security Server works in conjunction with these components:
  • Integrated Security Services components
  • Open Cryptographic Enhanced Plug-Ins
  • PKI Services
  • Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)
  • z/OS Firewall Technologies
  • z/OS LDAP Server
  • z/OS Security Server Network Authentication Service

Note that some of the components referenced are not part of Security Server but are included in other z/OS packages.

This information describes the role of the RACF auditor and explains the auditing tools that RACF provides. Reports on system and resource use can provide the auditor with information about the basic system-security environment of an installation.

If you need specific information about using RACF on z/VM® systems, refer to the RACF Version 1 documentation. Information describing how to use RACF in a shared database environment with z/OS and z/VM systems (for example, shared database function and templates in support of database unload) remains in RACF documentation.

Who should read this information

This document is intended for those individuals defined as RACF auditors (persons who have the AUDITOR or group-AUDITOR user attribute).

You should be familiar with both RACF and z/OS, or z/OS and z/VM if you are running RACF on two or more systems that share the same RACF database.