Resource management tasks – resource pools

You can use the Resource Management task to manage resource pools.

Resource pools are sets of z/OS resources that are required by a software service. For example, you can have resource pools of ports that are dynamically allocated when software is provisioned. A resource pool can be:
Dedicated to the template.
Shared among templates.
You can define these types of resource pools:
The network administrator must complete the network resource pool definition using the Network Configuration Assistant task, in the Configuration category. For more information, see Defining network resource pools or the Getting Started Tutorial for Cloud in the Network Configuration help. If you would like to complete these steps using a video see How to configure a Network Resource Pool in z/OSMF.
The workload management administrator must complete the WLM pool definition.
  1. Select the Workload Management task in the Performance category.
  2. Click WLM Resource Pools.
  3. In the WLM Resource Pools table, select the resource pool, then click Actions, then Modify.
  4. Supply values, then click Complete.

For more information, see Defining workload management resource pools.