z/OS workload management

z/OS workload management provides a solution for managing workload distribution, workload balancing, and distribution of resources to competing workloads. z/OS workload management is the cooperation of various subsystems (for example, CICS®, DB2®, IMS, JES, APPC, TSO/E, UNIX System Services) with the z/OS workload manager (WLM) component.

Fewer, simpler, and consistent system externals: Workload management provides a way to define z/OS externals and tune z/OS without having to specify low-level parameters. The focus is on setting performance goals for work, and letting the workload manager handle processing to meet the goals.

Externals reflect customer expectations: Workload management provides z/OS performance management externals in a service policy that reflects goals for work, expressed in terms commonly used in service level agreements (SLA). Because the terms are similar to those commonly used in an SLA, you can communicate with users, with business partners, and with z/OS, using the same terminology.