Abstract for MVS Using the Subsystem Interface

Purpose of this information

This document introduces you to subsystems, what they are and why you might want to write your own. It describes how to set up your subsystem and how to use it. MVS™ provides some services to help you build and use subsystems; these services are described in this document.

In addition, this document describes services provided by IBM® subsystems that a program can use. The program need not be a subsystem to use these services.

Who should use this information

This document is for system programmers or application developers who are writing a subsystem or requesting system services available through the subsystem interface (SSI).

This document assumes that the reader has extensive experience with MVS, is familiar with its basic concepts, can code JCL statements to execute programs or cataloged procedures, can code in assembler language, and can read assembler, loader, and linkage editor output.

How to use this information

Depending upon the tasks you want to perform, the following is a guide to the chapters you can refer to.

For general information about the SSI, see Introduction to subsystems and the subsystem interface.

If you are familiar with the SSI and you are writing a program that uses services provided by IBM subsystems, see: