Abstract for MVS System Commands

Purpose of this information

This information describes how to use MVS™ system operator commands for the z/OS operating system. Although you can also perform many of the tasks described in this information using JES2 or JES3 commands, this information describes only the MVS (base control program) system commands. For information about commands for other z/OS elements, such as z/OS Communications Server (IP and SNA), DFSMS, JES2, JES3, and RACF®, see z/OS Information Roadmap. For information about commands for other software products that run on z/OS, see z/OS® Software Products Collection, SK3T-4270.

Who should use this information

This information is intended for anyone using a console and system commands to control the operating system. This information assumes that the user understands the hardware controls and features of the installation. It also assumes that the user understands the general organization and functions of a z/OS operating system.

How to use this information

To describe the basic tasks within these general tasks and to provide a convenient system commands reference, this information is organized as follows:
  • System operations, describes the tasks of running the system from the time the system comes up to the time the system goes down for a normal or abnormal reason.
  • System reconfiguration, describes the reconfiguration actions of hardware units and partitions. It also shows how to physically or logically reconfigure the hardware units of a system; and for a partitionable processor complex, how to partition the complex into two sides or merge the two sides together.
  • z/OS operator console operations, describes the consoles that MVS supports as operators' consoles. Console characteristics and operations describes the operations and characteristics that you cannot define, including the operations that are common on all operator's consoles.Defining and changing console characteristics describes the console characteristics that you can define, including the commands that operators and system programmers can use to tailor the consoles and console operations to the installation's requirements. Defining and changing console characteristics also describes how to restrict the use of system commands based on which operator issues the command and/or which MCS, HMCS or SMCS console the operator uses.
  • MVS system commands reference, summarizes the function, syntax, and parameters of all the MVS system commands that you can use to control the system.