Abstract for MVS™ JCL Reference

Purpose of this information:

This information describes the job control tasks needed to enter jobs into the z/OS® operating system, control the system's processing of jobs, and request the resources needed to run jobs. The information also contains a topic that describes "started tasks" and how to set them up. To perform job control or started tasks, programmers code "job control statements." This information describes how to code these statements, which include:
  • Job control language (JCL) statements
  • Job entry control language (JECL) statements, which encompass:
    • Job entry subsystem 2 (JES2) control statements
    • Job entry subsystem 3 (JES3) control statements

This information is designed as reference information to be used while coding the statements. It contains some introductory material. Full explanations of the job control tasks are presented in companion information, z/OS MVS JCL User's Guide.

Who should read this information:

This information is needed by system and application programmers who enter programs into the operating system. Those using this information should understand the concepts of job management and data management.

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