Abstract for MVS™ IPCS Customization

Purpose of this information

This document explains how to customize the interactive problem control system (IPCS) for some or all IPCS sessions using the following topics:
  • Customizing the IPCS installation package
  • Customizing IPCS session parameters
  • Customizing dump directory
  • Customizing access to IPCS
  • Customizing the IPCS dialog
This information also explains:
  • Accessing and using IPCS on a target system
  • Providing security for IPCS
  • Writing and installing IPCS exit routines and various IPCS exit services

Customization can also apply to ABEND/SNAP formatting. IPCS operates in interactive and batch environments supported by TSO/E.

Who should use this information

This information is for system programmers who:
  • Use IPCS to format dumps
  • Write IPCS exit routines
  • Customize IPCS for an installation