Abstract for MVS Initialization and Tuning Guide

Purpose of this information

This information is a preliminary tuning guide for the MVS™ element of z/OS®. The information describes how to initialize the system and how to get improved system performance.

This information is a companion to the z/OS MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference.

For information about how to install the software products that are necessary to run z/OS, see z/OS Planning for Installation.

Who should use this information

This information is for anyone whose job includes designing and planning to meet installation needs based on system workload, resources, and requirements. For that audience, the information is intended as a guide to what to do to implement installation policies. The information is also for anyone who tunes the system. This person must be able to determine where the system needs adjustment, to understand the effects of changing the system parameters, and to determine what changes to the system parameters will bring about the desired effect.