Passing a MODIFY command string to a physical file system (PFS) through a logical file system (LFS)

The MODIFY OMVS command passes a modify command to a PFS through an LFS interface. This command is useful when a PFS runs in the OMVS address space and wants to support MODIFY commands. It can also be used for PFSes that run in their own address space.

F OMVS,PFS=pfsname,command_string
The parameters are as follows:
Indicates the name of the PFS that will receive the command_string. It is the name used on the FILESYSTYPE TYPE statement from the BPXPRMxx parmlib member that defined the PFS.
The command string to be passed from the LFS to the PFS. The LFS passes the command string to the PFS with a vfs_pfsctl with command code PC_MODIFYPFS. For a description of MODIFY commands that are supported by zFS, see z/OS File System Administration.

For a description of the MODIFY commands that are supported by TFS, see z/OS UNIX System Services Planning.