Abstract for z/OS Release Upgrade Reference Summary

z/OS Release Upgrade Reference Summary contains summaries of new, changed, and no longer issued messages, codes, SMF records, and selected system-level data set (SYS1) interfaces.

Note: See previous editions of z/OS Release Upgrade Reference Summary, titled z/OS Summary of Message and Interface Changes in z/OS V2R3 and earlier, for information about changes that are made for z/OS versions before V2R4.

For the purposes of this information, interface refers to software that allows a user to interact with and perform operations on a system, program, or device.

Intended audience

z/OS Release Upgrade Reference Summary is for anyone who needs to know which messages and interfaces are new, changed, or no longer issued. It is particularly helpful during upgrades and for automation.

Where to find more information

This document does not contain information about new, changed, or deleted checks for IBM® Health Checker for z/OS. For check information, see IBM Health Checker for z/OS User's Guide.

When possible, this information uses cross document links that go directly to the topic in reference using shortened versions of the document title. For complete titles and order numbers of the documents for all products that are part of z/OS, see z/OS Information Roadmap.

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