IRRXUTIL: REXX interface to R_admin extract

Start of changeIRRXUTIL is a program that creates a set of REXX stem variables for several categories of RACF® information.
  1. The contents of RACF profiles. The stem variables are designed to reference profile information in one of the following ways:
    • Directly by field name, in the case where the field name is known by the caller.
    • The set of segment and field names are returned so that a caller can see which fields exist without any previous knowledge of the RACF schema.
  2. System-wide settings (SETROPTS values).
  3. RACF remote sharing facility (RRSF) information.
  4. Class Descriptor Table (CDT) entries.
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Start of changeExcept for the CDT function, IRRXUTIL calls the R-admin callable service (IRRSEQ00) to extract RACF information that is converted into a set of REXX stem variables.End of change Users of IRRXUTIL should have some familiarity with R_admin extract functions. However, you need not understand the input and output parameters of the R_admin extract functions before coding to the IRRXUTIL interface.

IRRXUTIL is invoked by REXX in problem state.

Some aspects of the interface that are determined by R_admin are not documented in this topic. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Authorization requirements
  • Segment and field names

For more information about authorization requirements, see z/OS Security Server RACF Callable Services and the 'Authorization required' section for the relevant RACF command, in z/OS Security Server RACF Command Language Reference.

Tip: Find helpful samples of IRRXUTIL programming on the RACF home page.