Arranging and hiding columns

The ARRANGE command reorders, hides, and changes the widths of columns on the current panel.

The ARRANGE command (ARR) applies only to the current panel. Each panel can contain uniquely arranged columns. Under ISPF, ARRANGE criteria are saved (one set for each JES type).
Note: Arranging some columns to the first screen of columns may impact SDSF performance. Where this is true, the help for the panel's fields indicates that the fields have delayed access.
SDSF scales numbers to make them fit the column width. To see the actual number, use ARRANGE to increase the column width.
   Display  Filter  View  Print  Options  Search  Help                          
 SDSF DA RS86     RS86     PAG  0  CPU  26              LINE 1-19 (73)          
 NP   JOBNAME  StepName ProcStep JobID    Owner    C Pos DP Real Paging    SIO  
      *MASTER*                   STC04928 +MASTER+   NS  FF 3440   0.00   0.00  
      PCAUTH   PCAUTH                                NS  FF  110   0.00   0.00  
      RASP     RASP                                  NS  FF  326   0.00   0.00  
      TRACE    TRACE                                 NS  FF 5850   0.00   0.00  
      DUMPSRV  DUMPSRV  DUMPSRV                      NS  FF  414   0.00   0.00  
      XCFAS    XCFAS    IEFPROC                      NS  FF 3799   0.00   0.00  
      GRS      GRS                                   NS  FF  21T 1    0.00   0.00  
Callout Notes:
  •  1  21T means 21 thousand. T=thousands, M=millions, B=billions, plus KB, MB, GB, TB, PB (bytes).
The ARRANGE parameters are shown in Table 1.
The parameter usage is as follows:
ARRANGE parameters
 ARRANGE from-column A|B to-column              
 ARR     from-column FIRST|LAST|width           
Consider the following examples:
  • ARRANGE SIO A DP - Moves the SIO column after the DP column on the current panel.
  • ARR DEST 8 - Makes the DEST column 8 characters wide.
Table 1. ARRANGE Parameters
Parameter Description
from-column to-column from-column and to-column each name a column on an SDSF panel. The column can be abbreviated to the shortest name that is unique for that panel.
A Moves from-column after to-column.
B Moves from-column before to-column.
FIRST | F Makes from-column the first column after the fixed field (the first column). The fixed field cannot be moved.
LAST | L Makes from-column the last column (farthest to the right).
width Sets the width of from-column; it is 4-20 for NP, 1-127 for other columns. You may need to press F11 (RIGHT) several times to view the width.
DEFAULT Resets the column arrangement to the default.
? Under ISPF, displays the ARRANGE pop-up.
Start of change

Hiding columns with ARRANGE

You can use the ARRANGE command to hide columns to reduce left/right scrolling. Hidden columns are not visible on the tabular panels but you can still sort and filter them.

You define hidden columns by using a new special column name of ISFEND with a title of .END (the end-of-column list marker). By using the ARRANGE command to move the position of the .END column, columns following .END are hidden.

You can specify a from-column or to-column of .END to hide columns on the panel. All columns following .END do not appear on the panel.

Start of changeISFEND is ignored in the SDSF REXX and SDSF Java environments. If you specify ISFEND in the isfcols or sdsficols variable, the message ISF768I is issued and the column is ignored. Any columns specified after ISFEND will be included in the field list. When the column list is not specified and the default field list for the panel is used, the ISFEND column is ignored and no message is issuedEnd of change

Consider the examples of hiding columns shown in Table 2
Table 2. Hiding Panel Columns
Panel Command Description
ST arr .end a saff All columns after SAff are hidden.
ST arr .end last All columns will be visible.
ST arr default Resets the columns to the default arrangement.
ST arr ? Displays the arrange pop-up. The description for .END is **End of List**.

The Show Columns pop-up displays all column values, even if the column is hidden. Separate arrange criteria is maintained for the primary and alternate field list. Arranging hidden columns applies to the field list currently being shown, whether it is the primary or alternate field list.

End of change

Additional ARRANGE commands

The ARRANGE DEFAULT command resets the column arrangement to the default.

Under ISPF, ARRANGE ? displays the pop-up. You may find this to be the most convenient method of arranging and resizing columns.

This pop-up example moves Real to be after StepName.

                            Arrange            Row 1 to 9 of 55
 To move a column, select with / (// for a block), then type A 
 (after) or B (before). Special function keys:                 
 F5/17=Refresh list  F11/23=Clear input  F6/18=Default order   
      NP width              _  Current width: 4               
      Column             Width   Description                   
   A   StepName               8                                 
    _  ProcStep               8                                 
    _  JobID                  8                                 
    _  Owner                  8                                 
    _  C                      1                                 
    _  Pos                    3                                 
    _  DP                     2                                 
    _  PGN                    3   Not shown in goal mode        
    / Real                    4