Workflows task

Configuring components and products for your z/OS system can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Many interrelated steps might be involved, requiring work to be carried out by different members of your organization. Such projects require careful planning and coordination with your team to ensure the best results. To assist you with these projects, z/OSMF offers a solution, the Workflows task.

The Workflows task can help you by:
  • Simplifying your software configuration efforts through guided, step-based workflows for common activities
  • Ensuring that consistent methods and tools are used for software configuration on z/OS, including the instructions and interfaces that you use to perform this work
  • Providing administrative functions for assigning workflow responsibilities and tracking progress.

More than merely a checklist of activities, the Workflows task provides a structured process for accomplishing work on z/OS.

Key features

With the Workflows task, you can:

  • Use a simplified interface for configuring the basic system constructs used in z/OS software configuration, such as directories, data sets, and jobs
  • Follow a structured process for performing common activities on the system
  • Perform project administrative functions for assigning workflow responsibilities to members of your team and tracking their progress.

To get started with the Workflows task, in the navigation area, select Workflows.