Introducing DFSMSrmm

DFSMSrmm is a z/OS feature. In your enterprise, you probably store and manage removable media in several types of media libraries. For example, in addition to your traditional tape library, a room with tapes, shelves, and drives, you might have several automated, virtual, and manual tape libraries. You probably also have both on-site libraries and off-site storage locations, also known as vaults or stores.

With DFSMSrmm, you can manage your removable media as one enterprise-wide library across systems and sysplexes. DFSMSrmm manages your installation's tape volumes and the data sets on those volumes. DFSMSrmm also manages the shelves where volumes reside in all locations except in automated tape libraries.

DFSMSrmm manages all tape media, such as cartridge system tapes and 3420 reels, as well as other removable media you define to it. For example, DFSMSrmm can record the shelf location for optical disks and track their vital record status; it does not manage the objects on optical disks.

This topic discusses basic tape management concepts and introduces terminology used throughout the DFSMSrmm publications and in the DFSMSrmm Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) dialog. This topic also discusses tape management tasks you can perform with DFSMSrmm.