SMPPTS spill data set

SMPPTS1 through SMPPTS99.
SMPPTS spill data sets can be used to store SYSMODs when the SMPPTS data set becomes full. This type of processing is called spill processing. SMPPTS spill data sets are used by SMP/E in the same way as the primary SMPPTS data set is used. For more information, see SMPPTS.
Partitioned; LRECL=80, BLKSIZE=multiple of 80, RECFM=FB, DISP=OLD.

It is recommended that SMPPTS spill data sets be allocated as a PDSE (DSNTYPE=LIBRARY).

If you plan to run concurrent jobs, specify DISP=SHR instead of DISP=OLD.

Do not concatenate SMPPTS spill data sets.

The first SMPPTS spill data set must be specified with a ddname of SMPPTS1, the second SMPPTS2, and so on, up to a maximum of SMPPTS99. Do not skip any ddnames in this sequence; if a spill data set is omitted, SMP/E ignores any data sets that may follow the omitted data set. (For example, if you specify only SMPPTS1 and SMPPTS3, then SMP/E uses only SMPPTS1 and ignores SMPPTS3.)

You must specify a valid data set name for an SMPPTS data set. NULLFILE and DD DUMMY are invalid for SMPPTS spill data sets.

Direct access only.