zCX Trial

You can try z/OS Container Extensions using the 90-day zCX Trial before deciding whether to buy the feature code. An IBM z14 or higher processor is required to enable the trial. You will have 90 days from the day the trial begins to use and evaluate the function. The trial extends to all zCX instances running on the sysplex. After 90 elapsed days, you can purchase the Container Hosting Foundation (feature code 0104) to continue using zCX.

Setting up the zCX Trial

Activating the zCX Trial is a simple process that does not require assistance from IBM. Use the following steps to begin your trial.

Edit the dynamic element parmlib member
  1. Create a copy of IFAPRD00 or your currently active IFAPRDxx member to enable the trial.
  2. Update the new member with the following definitions:
  3. Issue the SET PROD command to specify the new member as active on the system.
  4. Update IEASYSxx to point to the new member.
Grant file system access
To start the trial, each userID associated with zCX started task must have write access in addition to search access to the zCX instance registry directory in the z/OS UNIX System Services file system.
  1. Issue the ls -ld REGISTRY_DIR command in the z/OS UNIX System Services OMVS shell to find the group name associated with the zCX instance registry directory.
  2. Use the CONNECT RACF TSO command to associate the userID with the group name.

Trial duration

Once set up, the trial can run for up to 90 days. Every time a zCX server is started it will display a z/OS console message indicating the number of days left in the trial. No disablement is required when the trial ends. zCX will simply not start and a console message will be issued.

If you wish to end the trial before the 90 days have elapsed, use the following steps to prevent zCX from starting:
  1. Edit the IFAPRDxx member that enabled the trial to remove the entire section associated with FEATURENAME('zCX Trial90').
    • Alternatively, STATE(ENABLED) can be adjusted to STATE(DISABLED).
  2. Adjust the file system to remove write access granted for the trial.
While these steps are not required, they are necessary if you wish to prevent zCX from being restarted during the 90-day duration. They may be optionally conducted for system hygiene after the 90-day full duration as well.

The trial cannot be paused. The original start time will be used to calculate the 90-day interval.

If you mistakenly remove or disable the IFAPRDxx statement during the trial, the 90-day duration continues. Replace or enable the IFAPRDxx statement as soon as possible to continue the trial.

When the trial is over

To continue using zCX beyond the trial, you must purchase and install feature code 0104 (IBM Container Hosting Foundation) through eConfig Fulfillment Center. Start of changeIBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS delivers Monthly License Charge (MLC) pricing to satisfy the requirement for the Z hardware feature code 0104. For more information, see Program Directory forIBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS.End of change

Encountering zCX Trial errors

Error messages are issued in response to failure during setup. They include return and reason codes to identify and correct the errors. For UNIX System Service errors, the return and reason codes are errno and errnojrs. If data in the file system cannot be accessed, the trial probably did not start. It is, however, possible to have errors even when the trial has started. These errors should be dealt with promptly, as the trial start time and date are not adjusted.