Abstract for Language Environment Debugging Guide

Purpose of this information

z/OS Language Environment Debugging Guide supports z/OS (5694–A01). It contains information to help you detect, find, and fix programming errors that occur during run time under Language Environment. It can help you establish a debugging process to analyze data and narrow the scope and location of where an error might have occurred. You can read about how to prepare a routine for debugging, how to classify errors, and how to use the debugging facilities Language Environment provides. Also included are chapters on debugging HLL-specific routines and routines that run under CICS®. Debugging for AMODE 64 applications is also provided.

Who should read this information?

This information is intended for application programmers who are interested in techniques for debugging runtime programs. Familiarity with the following topics is helpful when using this information:
  • Language Environment
  • Appropriate languages that use the Language Environment-supported compilers
  • Program storage concepts