Abstract for DFSORT Installation and Customization

Purpose of this information: Planning is the task of making fundamental decisions about the options a program offers. These decisions guide, set limits for, and identify requirements for the tasks of installation, customization, administration, application programming, and diagnosis. Installation is the task of making a program ready to do useful work. This task includes adding the materials on the IBM distribution tape to your system, initializing the program, and applying PTFs to the program. When you install a product, you are carrying out decisions you made in the planning step. Customization, an optional step, gives you the opportunity to tailor the program to the needs of the users at your site.

Who should read this information: You should read this if you are planning to install and are installing DFSORT.

Prerequisite and related information: This document is designed to be used with the z/OS Install/Migration page for planning before installation. This document is also designed to be used for customization after installation. The z/OS Install/Migration page covers tasks to be done for installation. If you are installing from a ServerPac, installation tasks are covered in ServerPac: Using the Installation Dialog

The z/OS Install/Migration page describes all of the installation materials and gives installation instructions specific to the product release level. It also identifies and gives the contents of the functional modification identifiers (FMIDs). The publication ServerPac: Using the Installation Dialog also lists these FMIDs.

Note: The terms "option" and "parameter" are used interchangeably in this document.