Abstract for DFSMS Using Data Sets

This information supports z/OS (5650-ZOS) and contains information about Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS).

Purpose of this information :

This document is intended to help you use access methods to process virtual storage access method (VSAM) data sets, sequential data sets, partitioned data sets (PDSs), partitioned data sets extended (PDSEs), z/OS® UNIX® files, and generation data sets in the DFSMS™ environment. This document also explains how to use access method services commands, macro instructions, and JCL to process data sets.

Who should read this information :

This document is intended for system and application programmers. To use this document effectively, you should be familiar with the following information:
  • IBM support and how it is structured
  • Assembler language
  • Job control language (JCL)
  • Diagnostic techniques