Line data

This information is intended to help you create line data records in the format expected by PSF. It also contains information that you can use to create MO:DCA-P structured fields. The structured fields are considered general-use programming interfaces and are documented in Advanced Function Presentation: Programming Guide and Line Data Reference; see that publication before you create structured fields in your program.

Line data is application output to be printed that is not in MO:DCA-P format. To compose pages for the page printer from line data, PSF separates the incoming print records into pages according to specifications in a page definition. A page definition is always required for printing line data with PSF. You can create your own page definition or use a page definition provided with PSF. For more information about page definitions, see Formatting and printing data. There are two types of line data: traditional and record format. When the term "line data" is used in this information, the term applies to both types of line data, unless otherwise specified.

The line data input to PSF can consist of records that are fully formatted; it can consist of records that contain only the fields of data to be printed; or it can consist of records of both types. You can use the page definition resource to format fields of line data outside of the application program.

Figure 1 shows the difference between formatted and unformatted line text.

Figure 1. Formatted and unformatted text
This figure illustrates formatted and unformatted line text that is processed. The output is the same for both. The formatted line text shows a grid with the name ROBINSON E. CRUSOE and spaces on the first line, and an address with spaces on the next three lines. It is formatted by a page definition with line formatting. The unformatted line text shows a row with five columns. Each column represents a field with these labels: Name field, Street field, City, State, Zip, and Country. It is formatted by a page definition with field formatting. The output is the name on one line, Robinson E. Crusoe, and the address on the next three lines: 123 Island Place, Key West, FL 33040, USA