ENF signals

RACF® can send an ENF signal to listeners in the following situations:
  • When a SETROPTS RACLIST command affects in-storage profiles used for authorization checking, RACF sends a type 62 ENF signal to listeners.
  • When a CONNECT, REMOVE, ALTUSER REVOKE, DELUSER, or DELGROUP command has affected a user's group connections, RACF sends a type 71 ENF signal to listeners.
  • When a PERMIT, RDEFINE, RALTER, or RDELETE command has affected a user’s or group's authorizations to resources, RACF sends a type 79 ENF signal to listeners. This signal is issued only for classes that have been defined in the RACF Class Descriptor Table with the SIGNAL=YES option.
Listeners of these signals should follow the guidelines documented in z/OS MVS Programming: Authorized Assembler Services Guide on coding listener exit routines, particularly:
  • Avoid such time-consuming processing as obtaining large amounts of storage through the GETMAIN macro, issuing WAITs or issuing SVCs that issue the WAIT macro, and performing I/O operations.
  • Avoid requests for the local lock.
  • Avoid using multiple listener user exits.