EMV integrated circuit card specifications

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies that originally created the common standard for retail terminals accepting chip cards. Chip cards are also called stored value cards or smart cards. An algorithm or formula is stored in the chip. Chip card transactions are PIN-based for maximum security.

In addition to the EMV specification for contact chip cards, there are also specifications for contactless chip cards, common payment applications (CPA), card personalization, mobile payments, and tokenisation. These other specifications are being used by mobile payment systems and e-wallets.

The EMV standard is now managed by EMVCo, a consortium with control split equally among American Express, China UnionPay, Discover, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), Mastercard, and Visa. EMVCo also has a variety of associates that include retailers, banks, payment processors, and other credit card companies and financial institutions. These associates provide both technical and strategic business input to EMVCo.

With ICSF, you can develop EMV ICC integrated circuit card applications using diversified key generate (CSNBDKG), secure messaging for PINs (CSNBSPN) and secure messaging for keys (CSNBSKY) services. ICSF supports the PIN change algorithms specified in the VISA Integrated Circuit Card Specification. PIN block/change (CSNBPCU), provides this support. Additionally, the diversified key generate service (CSNBDKG) supports the EMV2000 key generation algorithm.

ICSF callable services also simplify payment processing. These services use parameters that are specifically for EMV functions and call the correct sequence of existing ICSF services and cryptographic coprocessor services to perform EMV functions.
Generate Issuer Master Key Service (CSNBGIM)
This service helps with the initial steps of EMV setup by generating and storing the issuer master keys. The master keys are returned in either internal or external key tokens for key management.
Derive ICC Master Key Service (CSNBDCM)
This service generates an ICC master key from an issuer master key. The ICC master keys are needed for ICC personalization, EMV transaction processing, and EMV scripting. The master keys are returned in either internal or external key tokens for key management.
Derive Session Key Service (CSNBDSK)
This service generates a session key from either an issuer master key or an ICC master key. Session keys are needed for EMV transaction processing and EMV scripting.
EMV Transaction (ARQC/ARPC) Service (CSNBEAC)
This service simplifies EMV ARQC and ARPC transaction processing.
EMV Scripting Service (CSNBESC)
This service simplifies EMV scripting. Scripts may be encrypted for confidentiality, MAC'd for integrity, or both.
EMV Verification Service (CSNBEVF)
This service provides additional functions used by MasterCard:
  • Verification of data authentication codes.
  • Verification of ICC dynamic numbers.
  • Decryption of encrypted counters.