$D JES2 - Display the current activity in the JES2 address space


To display the current activity in the JES2 address space. The information displayed corresponds to the specific reasons provided in the $HASP607 message when a $PJES2 command is rejected. The following is the list of reasons:
  • Outstanding I/O
  • Active processors
  • Active address spaces
  • Active networking devices
  • Outstanding held processors
  • Allocated internal readers
  • Outstanding cross member requests
  • Outstanding PSO, SAPI, or end of memory activity


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Authority Required

This command requires display authority. The description of the $T RDRnn command explains how to ensure that the authority of the appropriate MVS™ system command group is assigned.

This command requires read security access authority. For a description of assigning command input authority, see z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide.


Single member. The values supplied for this command will be in effect for this member only.

However, you might want this command to be applied to all members of the MAS (to ensure a consistent environment across the MAS). If so, you can use the MVS ROUTE *ALL command to issue this command to all active members (if the JES2 command character is the same on all members). See z/OS MVS System Commands for more information on using the ROUTE *ALL command.




          $HASP608 $DJES2                                               
$HASP608 ACTIVE PROCESSORS (PCES)                                       
$HASP608 NAME                              COUNT JOBID                  
$HASP608 -------------------------------- ------ --------               
$HASP608 OUTPUT PROCESSOR                      1 JOB00018               
$HASP608 ACTIVE ADDRESS SPACES                                          
$HASP608 ASID     JOBNAME  JOBID                                        
$HASP608 -------- -------- --------                                     
$HASP608 001D     ZFS      STC00004                                     
$HASP608 0022     VTAM     STC00012                                     
$HASP608 0023     TCAS     STC00013                                     
$HASP608 0024     IBMUSER  TSU00014                                     
$HASP608 INTERNAL ACTIVITY                                              
$HASP608 TYPE                           COUNT                           
$HASP608 ----------------------------- ------                           
$HASP608 TOTAL PCE I/O                      1                           
$HASP608 SAPI REQUESTS (SSI 79)             0                           
$HASP608 PSO REQUESTS (SSI 1)               0                           
          $HASP608 $DJES2                                      
$HASP608 ACTIVE PROCESSORS (PCES)                              
$HASP608 NAME                              COUNT JOBID         
$HASP608 -------------------------------- ------ --------      
$HASP608 PRT2                                  1 STC00002      
$HASP608 PRT1                                  1 STC00006      
$HASP608 ACTIVE ADDRESS SPACES                                 
$HASP608 ASID     JOBNAME  JOBID                               
$HASP608 -------- -------- --------                            
$HASP608 0022     TCAS     STC00010                            
$HASP608 0024     VTAM     STC00008                            
$HASP608 ACTIVE NETWORKING DEVICES                             
$HASP608 NAME                             STATUS               
$HASP608 -------------------------------- --------             
$HASP608 LINE15                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE16                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE17                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE25                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE26                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE27                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE28                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE29                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE40                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE41                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE42                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE43                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE44                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE50                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE51                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE55                           ACTIVE               
$HASP608 LINE59                           ACTIVE