Deleting message queues

Use this command to delete messages that are queued to an MCS, HMCS or SMCS console. It affects only messages currently on the console’s queue. Subsequent messages are queued as usual. This command is generally, though not exclusively, for use in error situations.

The command gives you more control over MCS, HMCS and SMCS console message queues. If there is a WTO buffer shortage, you can delete the messages to speed up console processing or alleviate storage problems. You might need to issue the command several times to clear the console of messages.

Note: This CONTROL command is not valid for extended MCS consoles or extended MCS console message queues.
The kinds of messages that are deleted are:
  • Action messages.
  • All in-line messages queued for a particular console.
  • WTOR messages and unconditional messages.
The kinds of messages that are not deleted are:
  • Out-of-line messages. You can delete these with K E,D.
  • Messages queued to hardcopy (SYSLOG and/or OPERLOG).

The syntax is:

K Q[,L=name]
The CONTROL command is to delete a console’s message queue.
The name of the console whose message queue is to be deleted. If this operand is omitted, the message queue of the console from which the K Q command is entered is deleted.

Example 1:

To delete any messages on the issuing full-capability console’s queue, enter:

Example 2:

To delete messages queued on console CON2, enter: