Changing out of line display area specifications

Use the CONTROL A command to change, remove, or examine out of line display area specifications for any MCS, HMCS or SMCS console in the system.

The AREA parameter on the CONSOLE statement in the CONSOLxx parmlib member controls the display area specifications at IPL. z/OS MVS Planning: Operations shows the maximum message area sizes for all devices that MVS™ supports as consoles and the defaults for the AREA parameter.

K A[,nn[,nn]...][,L={name  }]
The display area specifications are to be altered or referenced.
The number of message lines in each display area. The first number (nn) defines the bottom area of the screen; additional numbers (,nn) define areas working toward the top of the screen. The minimum number of lines in one display area is 4, the maximum is 99. The total number of all specified lines cannot exceed the number of lines in the message area of the screen. The maximum number of display areas that you can define is 11.
All out-of-line display area specifications will be removed for the specified console.
Displays, in the command input area, the size of out-of-line display areas for the specified console. For example, if you enter K A,REF in the command input area, and the size of the display area is 14, the system displays K A,14 in the command input area.
L= name
The MCS, HMCS or SMCS console whose display area is to be changed or referenced. If this operand is omitted, the console on which K A is entered is assumed.


To define two display areas of 4 and 6 lines respectively, enter:
K A,4,6
Note: The CONTROL A command has no effect on extended MCS consoles or on system consoles and is not valid for managing these consoles.