Return codes (errnos)

Return codes, also known as errnos, are generated by the system in response to either an action or lack of action that has been detected. This section provides a summary of the various z/OS UNIX return codes a user might receive. However, this summary is not all inclusive because of the unique return codes are internal to z/OS® and subject to change.

Decimal Value Hex Value Return Code Description
1 0001 EDOM Error in the domain.
2 0002 ERANGE Result is too large.
111 006F EACCES Permission is denied.
112 0070 EAGAIN The resource is temporarily unavailable.
113 0071 EBADF The file descriptor is incorrect.
114 0072 EBUSY The resource is busy.
115 0073 ECHILD No child process exists.
116 0074 EDEADLK A resource deadlock is avoided.
117 0075 EEXIST The file exists.
118 0076 EFAULT The address is incorrect.
119 0077 EFBIG The file is too large.
120 0078 EINTR A function call is interrupted.
121 0079 EINVAL The parameter is incorrect.
122 007A EIO An I/O error occurred.
123 007B EISDIR The file specified is a directory.
124 007C EMFILE Too many files are open for this process.
125 007D EMLINK Too many links occurred.
126 007E ENAMETOOLONG The filename is too long.
127 007F ENFILE Too many files are open in the system.
128 0080 ENODEV No such device exists.
129 0081 ENOENT No such file, directory, or IPC member exists.
130 0082 ENOEXEC The exec call contained a format error.The target module on an exec call was not a valid executable module. The additional reason codes provided are useful for internal debugging by IBM® service representatives.
131 0083 ENOLCK No locks are available.
132 0084 ENOMEM Not enough space is available.
133 0085 ENOSPC No space is left on the device, or no space is available to create the IPC member ID.
134 0086 ENOSYS The function is not implemented.
135 0087 ENOTDIR Not a directory.
136 0088 ENOTEMPTY The directory is not empty.
137 0089 ENOTTY The I/O control operator is inappropriate.
138 008A ENXIO No such device or address exists.
139 008B EPERM The operation is not permitted.
140 008C EPIPE The pipe is broken.
141 008D EROFS The specified file system is read only.
142 008E ESPIPE The seek is incorrect.
143 008F ESRCH No such process or thread exists.
144 0090 EXDEV A link to a file on another file system was attempted.
145 0091 E2BIG The parameter list is too long, or the message to receive was too large for the buffer.
146 0092 ELOOP A loop is encountered in symbolic links.
147 0093 EILSEQ The byte sequence is illegal.
149 0095 EOVERFLOW A value is too large to be stored in the data type.
150 0096 EMVSNOTUP OpenMVS kernel is not active.
151 0097 EMVSDYNALC Dynamic allocation error.
152 0098 EMVSCVAF Common VTOC access facility (CVAF) error.
153 0099 EMVSCATLG Catalog obtain error.
156 009C EMVSINITIAL Process Initialization error.
157 009D EMVSERR An environmental or internal error has occurred.
158 009E EMVSPARM Bad parameters were passed to the service.
159 009F EMVSPFSFILE A permanent file error was encountered.
162 00A2 EMVSPFSPERM A system error was encountered.
163 00A3 EMVSSAFEXTRERR SAF/RACF extract error.
164 00A4 EMVSSAF2ERR SAF/RACF error.
167 00A7 EMVSNORTL Access to the OpenMVS version of the C RTL is denied.
168 00A8 EMVSEXPIRE The password for the specified resource has expired.
169 00A9 EMVSPASSWORD The new password specified is not valid.
170 00AA EMVSWLMERROR A WLM service ended in error.
171 00AB EMVSCPLERROR A Coupling Facility service ended in error.
172 00AC EMVSARMERROR An ARM service ended in error.
247 00F7 ENOTSUP Operation Not Supported in this situation
1002 03EA EIBMSOCKOUTOFRANGE Socket number assigned by client interface code (for socket() and accept()) is out of range.
1003 03EB EIBMSOCKINUSE Socket number assigned by client interface code is already in use.
1005 03ED EOFFLOADboxERROR Offload box error.
1006 03EE EOFFLOADboxRESTART Offload box restarted.
1007 03EF EOFFLOADboxDOWN Offload box down.
1008 03F0 EIBMCONFLICT Already a conflicting call outstanding on socket.
1009 03F1 EIBMCANCELLED Request canceled via SOCKcallCANCEL request.
1011 03F3 EIBMBADTCPNAME SetIbmOpt specified a name of a PFS that either was not configured or was not a Sockets PFS.
1100 044C ENOTBLK Block device required.
1101 044D ETXTBSY Text file busy.
1102 044E EWOULDBLOCK The descriptor is marked nonblocking, and the requested function cannot complete immediately.
1103 044F EINPROGRESS Operation now in progress.
1104 0450 EALREADY Operation already in progress.
1105 0451 ENOTSOCK Socket operation on a non-socket.
1106 0452 EDESTADDRREQ Destination address required.
1107 0453 EMSGSIZE The message is too large to be sent all at once, as required.
1108 0454 EPROTOTYPE The socket type is incorrect.
1109 0455 ENOPROTOOPT Protocol or socket option not available.
1110 0456 EPROTONOSUPPORT Protocol not supported.
1111 0457 ESOCKTNOSUPPORT Socket type not supported.
1112 0458 EOPNOTSUPP The referenced socket is not a type that supports the requested function.
1113 0459 EPFNOSUPPORT Protocol family not supported.
1114 045A EAFNOSUPPORT The address family is not supported.
1115 045B EADDRINUSE The address is already in use.
1116 045C EADDRNOTAVAIL Cannot assign requested address.
1117 045D ENETDOWN Network is down.
1118 045E ENETUNREACH Network is unreachable.
1119 045F ENETRESET Network dropped connection on reset.
1120 0460 ECONNABORTED Software caused connection abort.
1121 0461 ECONNRESET Connection reset by peer.
1122 0462 ENOBUFS Insufficient buffer space available.
1123 0463 EISCONN The socket is already connected.
1124 0464 ENOTCONN The socket is not connected.
1125 0465 ESHUTDOWN Cannot send after socket shutdown.
1126 0466 ETOOMANYREFS Too many references: cannot splice.
1127 0467 ETIMEDOUT Connection timed out.
1128 0468 ECONNREFUSED The attempt to connect was rejected.
1129 0469 EHOSTDOWN Host is down.
1130 046A EHOSTUNREACH No route to host.
1131 046B EPROCLIM Too many processes.
1132 046C EUSERS Too many users.
1133 046D EDQUOT Disc quota exceeded.
1134 046E ESTALE Stale file handle.
1135 046F EREMOTE Too many levels of remote in path.
1136 0470 ENOSTR Device is not a stream.
1137 0471 ETIME Timer expired.
1138 0472 ENOSR Out of streams resources.
1139 0473 ENOMSG No message of the desired type.
1140 0474 EBADMSG Trying to read unreadable message.
1141 0475 EIDRM Identifier removed.
1142 0476 ENONET Machine is not on the network.
1143 0477 ERREMOTE Object is remote.
1144 0478 ENOLINK The link has been severed.
1145 0479 EADV Advertise error.
1146 047A ESRMNT srmount error.
1147 047B ECOMM Communication error on send.
1148 047C EPROTO Protocol error.
1149 047D EMULTIHOP Protocol error.
1150 047E EDOTDOT Cross mount point.
1151 047F EREMCHG Remote address change.
1152 0480 ECANCELED The asynchronous I/O request has been canceled.
1153 0481 ETcpOutOfState Socket send/receive gotten out of order.
1154 0482 ETcpUnattach Unattached streams error.
1155 0483 ETcpBadObj Streams push object error.
1156 0484 ETcpClosed Streams closed error.
1157 0485 ETcpLinked Streams link error.
1158 0486 ETcpErr Tcp error.
1159 0487 EINTRNODATA Accept_and_receive is interrupted after the connection arrived but before the first data arrived.
1160 0488 ENOREUSE Socket descriptor reuse is not supported.
1161 0489 ENOMOVE FileSystem can not be moved.
3448 0D78 EUNATCH The protocol required to support the specified address family is not available.