Automation Considerations

Start of changeThe following new messages support the Sysplex Recovery Boost enhancements:
  • Start of changeIEA682I Recovery process zIIP boost is active End of change
  • Start of changeIEA683I Unable to complete activation of recovery process boosts End of change
  • Start of changeIEA684I Recovery process boost(s) have ended due to error End of change
  • Start of changeIEA685I Recovery process boost(s) not {started | extended}. Duration limit has been reached End of change
  • Start of changeIEA686I Recovery process boost(s) have been extended End of change
  • Start of changeIEA687I Recovery process boost requestor: <string> End of change
  • Start of changeIEE257I Boost State Boost class: {IPL | Shutdown | Recovery process | N/A} [Requestor: <string>] zIIP boost: {active with n transient zIIP cores | inactive} speed boost: {active | inactive}End of change
End of change
Start of changeThe following changed messages have updates specific to Sysplex Recovery Boost enhancements:
  • IEA671I Could not fully configure online <m>of the <n> intended {IPL | shutdown | recovery process} zIIP boost cores
  • IEA672I {IPL | Shutdown | Recovery process} {zIIP | Speed} boost is not activated –rsn
  • IEA674I Could not configure offline <m> of the <n> {IPL | Shutdown | recoveryprocess} zIIP boost cores
  • IEA675I {IPL | Shutdown | Recovery process} zIIP boost is active with <n> transient zIIP cor
  • IEA678I All {IPL | Shutdown | Recovery process} boosts have ended
  • IEA681I {IPL | Shutdown | Recovery process} speed boost is active
  • IEE174I (form 35 of 35) DISPLAY M [idr] PROCESSOR STATUS text
End of change
Messages introduced with this functionality:
  • IEA676I No IPL boosts will be activated
  • IEA677I {IPL | Shutdown} {zIIP | speed} boost has ended due to error
  • IEA680I {zIIP | speed} boost is not available
IWM064I new reasons:

    IPL or Shutdown Boost has been activated


    IPL or Shutdown Boost has ended

If you want to automate something after all IPL Boosts have ended, you can automate on the messages IEA676I and IEA678I, each of which indicates one of the two cases of “no boosts are still active”. Note that these might have been issued before the automation program has started, in which case the automation program would need to be configured to look for earlier messages.

Some types of automation you may wish to consider:
  • Activating the Temporary Capacity Record prior to shutdown, and then deactivating it after the recovery is complete.
  • Dynamically changing LPAR weights as required during a shutdown or startup boost, to better align guaranteed capacity and consumed capacity to mitigate boosted image(s) from expanding into white space capacity by using vertical lows.
  • Add the starting of the IEASDBS proc to your existing shutdown automation.
  • Changing the level of parallelism present in the workload at startup (e.g. starting middleware regions) and shutdown (e.g. doing orderly shutdown of middleware). Automation may pace/throttle these activities to varying degrees; with Boost, less pacing / more parallelism may be desirable.
  • To automate on the new z/OS messages that are issued at start/end of boost periods to take whatever actions are appropriate

IBM System Automation or any ISV vendor automation product can be used to provide these automation capabilities.