Software prerequisites for z/OSMF

The following Java level must be installed and operational on your system:
  • IBM® 64-bit SDK for z/OS®, Java™ Technology Edition, V8 SR4 FP10 (5655-DGH).

This set-up must be done before you configure z/OSMF. By default, the SDK resides in the directory /usr/lpp/java/J8.0_64 on your system. If you installed it in another location, be sure to include the JAVA_HOME statement in your IZUPRMxx parmlib member, as shown in IZUPRMxx reference information.

It is recommended that you complete the planning for z/OSMF before you configure it. Also, be sure to obtain the latest PTFs; see Receiving service updates for z/OSMF.

For ServerPac users, use the jobs and documentation that is supplied with your ServerPac order to create an initial instance of z/OSMF. During the ServerPac process, you need sections of this document to complete certain actions. Thereafter, you can refer to this document for information about performing various post-configuration actions, such as configuring the optional plug-ins.

Note that the optional plug-ins in z/OSMF have different system set-up requirements. For more information, see Customizing your z/OS system for the z/OSMF plug-ins.

The following web browsers are supported by z/OSMF, and are recommended for best results:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR Version 52 or later.