Cryptographic Services ICSF: System Programmer's Guide

Purpose of this information

This information describes how to initialize, customize, operate, and diagnose the z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF).

Who should read this information

This information is intended for the system programmer. It describes the tasks that a system programmer might perform:
  • Programming installation options, installation-defined callable services, and installation exits.
  • Creating the data sets that ICSF uses.
  • Migrating the system from the Cryptographic Unit Support Program (CUSP) and Programmed Cryptographic Facility (PCF) to ICSF.
  • Migrating to z/OS ICSF.
  • Migrating from the IBM Network Security Processor Support Program (hereafter called 4753-HSP) to ICSF.
  • Starting and stopping ICSF.
  • Checking event recording.
  • Planning for security and performance considerations.
  • Debugging and recovering from problems.

Defining and writing installation-defined callable services and installation exit routines is intended to be accomplished primarily by experienced system programmers. This information assumes that the reader has an advanced knowledge of z/OS.