Abstract for Resource Measurement Facility User's Guide

The Resource Measurement Facility™ (RMF™) is the strategic IBM® product for performance management in a z/OS host environment.

This document describes RMF, what it can do, and how to use RMF sessions. For information about analyzing the various reports that RMF produces, see z/OS RMF Report Analysis.

Who should read this information

This document is intended for use by:
  • System administrators and programmers responsible for installing RMF and modifying its functions
  • Performance analysts responsible for measuring and improving system performance,
  • System operators

Because RMF is a product for measuring system performance of a z/OS system, this document assumes that the reader has extensive knowledge of the z/OS system.

The z/OS RMF library

The RMF library for z/OS contains the following information units:

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