MONITOR command

Use the MONITOR command to display jobnames, data set status, and time-sharing user sessions continuously, and to add certain information to mount and demount messages. If you want to activate the monitor function without associating the monitor request with a console, use the SETCON MONITOR command.

The MONITOR command does not display Advanced Program-to-Program Communication/MVS (APPC/MVS) transaction programs.
  1. To stop the MONITOR display, use the STOPMN command.
  2. The monitor display ends when the specified MCS, HMCS or SMCS console is varied offline. The operator must re-issue the MONITOR command when the MCS, HMCS or SMCS console is restarted.
  3. The DSNAME and SPACE operands are not routable and are not sysplex wide.
  4. The MONITOR command and operands are not sysplex wide when they are activated from a TSO user. In this case the TSO user names will only be displayed (in response to the DISPLAY OPDATA,MONITOR command) if they are active on the system where the display is processed.

Use the SETCON command if you want the system to generate monitor messages, but you do not want the messages to appear on the console.