CONTROL command

Use the CONTROL command to control the screen display of MCS, HMCS and SMCS consoles. Table 1 summarizes the information that the CONTROL command provides. Use it to access the pages on which you can find details about a particular use of the CONTROL command.

The following CONTROL commands have no effect on extended MCS consoles or on system consoles, and are not valid for managing these consoles:
  • K A
  • K C,D
  • K D
  • K E
  • K N,PFK
  • K Q
  • K S
    • CON=
    • SEG=
    • DEL=
    • RNUM=
    • RTME=
  • K V,USE

Many of the functions of the CONTROL command are controlled at IPL by parameters in the CONSOLxx parmlib member. Accompanying the descriptions of some operands on the CONTROL command are the corresponding parameters in CONSOLxx. If you need more information about the parameters in CONSOLxx, see z/OS MVS Planning: Operations and z/OS MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference. See Defining and changing console characteristics for more information about using the CONTROL command.