Tape characteristics

The following paragraphs describe the data recording characteristics of magnetic tape. The discussion includes density, parity, number of tracks, translation, conversion, and tape marks. The error conditions that can result from conflicting tape characteristics are explained under IBM standard volume label editor routines, ISO/ANSI volume label verification and editor routines, and Nonstandard volume label verification and editor routines.

z/OS supports the following devices:
  • IBM 3420 Magnetic Tape Unit Models 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • IBM 3422 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
  • IBM 3424 Magnetic Tape Unit (available only in Brazil, S.A.)
  • IBM 3430 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
  • IBM 3480 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
  • IBM 3490 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
  • IBM Virtual Tape Server
  • IBM 3590 High Performance Tape Subsystem
  • IBM System Storage 3592 Tape Subsystem