Private connections

A private connection exists when two nodes in a network do not pass NCC records to other nodes to inform them of the connection. You might want to define a private connection if your node has limited spool space and you would like to reserve this spool space only for communication with an adjacent node.

You can suppress information from reaching the rest of the network about a connection between your node and an adjacent JES2 node by specifying PRIVATE=YES on the NODE(nnnn) initialization statement.

Note that you must specify both ends of a connection as PRIVATE=YES on the NODE(nnnn) initialization statements to ensure that the path manager does not send NCC records.

In Figure 1, only nodes A6 and B5 know about their 'private' connection.

Figure 1. Two Private Nodes Across Subnets

┌───┐  ┌───┐  ┌───┐  ┌───┐  ┌───┐
│A2│──│A3  │─│A4  │──│A5 │──│A6  │  NODE(B5) PRIVATE=YES
│  │ │    │  │   │     │   │   │
└───┘  └───┘  └─┬┬┘  └───┘  └─┬─┘
                 ││              │ 
                 ││              │
┌──┐  ┌──┐  ┌──┐  ┌──┐  ┌──┐
│B1│──┤B2  │─┤B3 ├─┤B4  ├─┤B5 │  NODE(A6) PRIVATE=YES