XL C/C++ runtime messages

The following run-time messages pertain to C/C++ that have an EDC prefix. For information on the messages from the C/C++ legacy class libraries, which have a prefix of CLB, refer to z/OS XL C/C++ Messages. Each message is followed by an explanation describing the condition that caused the message, a programmer response suggesting how you might prevent the message from occurring again, and a system action indicating how the system responds to the condition that caused the message.

The messages contain a symbolic feedback code, which represents the first 8 bytes of a 12-byte condition token. You can think of the symbolic feedback code as the nickname for a condition. As such, the symbolic feedback code can be used in user-written condition handlers to screen for a given condition, even if it occurs at different locations in an application. The messages in this topic also contain alphabetic suffixes that have the following meaning:
Informational message
Warning message
Error message
Severe error message
Critical error message