LOGON command

To log on, most installations require that you type the LOGON command. LOGON is the TSO/E command that tells TSO/E you want to begin a computer session. You can type commands either in uppercase or lowercase.

To log on to TSO/E, type:
LOGON yourid

Be sure to substitute your real user ID for yourid and press the Enter key.

When you first log on, an input inhibitor symbol appears briefly on your screen. The input inhibitor tells you the system is processing your input and is temporarily unable to accept additional input. Soon the input inhibitor disappears and you see one of the following:

  • The word READY, which means TSO/E is ready for a command. If you see the READY message as soon as you log on, you can continue to read this chapter or you can skip to Logging off.
  • A message that prompts you for information such as a password. If you see a prompting message, type the information after the message and press the Enter key. You eventually see the word READY, which means that TSO/E is ready for a command. You can continue to read or you can skip to Logging off.
  • A screen similar to the following figure:
------------------------------- TSO/E LOGON ----------------------------------
PF1/PF13 ==> Help    PF3/PF15 ==> Logoff    PA1 ==> Attention    PA2 ==> Reshow
You may request specific HELP information by entering a '?' in any entry field.

   USERID    ===> YOURID                          SECLABEL     ===>

   PASSWORD  ===> -                               NEW PASSWORD ===>

   PROCEDURE ===> MYPROC                          GROUP IDENT  ===>

   ACCT NMBR ===> 00123

   SIZE      ===> 5800

   PERFORM   ===>



          -NOMAIL         -NONOTICE        -RECONNECT         -OIDCARD

What you see on the screen is called a panel. A panel is a predefined display image that fills your screen. Notice that your user ID appears in capital letters to the right of the USERID arrow and other information required by your installation appears in capital letters to the right of other arrows. The computer generally re-displays information in uppercase regardless of how you typed it.

The area to the right of the arrow is called an input field.
PASSWORD ===>  _________

               input field

You can type information only in input fields. If you type anywhere else on the screen, the keyboard locks. To unlock the keyboard, press the reset key.


Move the cursor to the space immediately after the arrow pointing to the USERID field. Try to type a letter, and then notice the input inhibitor. Press the reset key to unlock the screen.

Now move the cursor to the PASSWORD input field and type the password that your administrator gave you. Notice that the characters do not appear when you type them. Suppressing the password prevents others from seeing it as you type it.