Introducing IBM BookManager Products and Online Books

The IBM BookManager programs are a family of products that let you create and use online books at your terminal or workstation. They consist of licensed programs for the following operating systems:

  • | IBM MVS/Enterprise Systems Architecture (MVS/ESA)
  • | IBM MVS/Extended Architecture (MVS/XA)
  • | IBM Virtual Machine/Enterprise Systems Architecture (VM/ESA)
  • | IBM Operating System/2* (OS/2*)
  • | IBM AIX
  • | Microsoft Windows
  • | IBM Disk Operating System (DOS).

| BookManager READ is available for Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), Virtual
| Machine (VM), OS/2, AIX, Windows and DOS environments. BookManager BUILD
| is available for MVS, VM, and OS/2.

| Each program in the BookManager family has unique characteristics that
| take advantage of its operating environment and suit the work habits of
| users in that environment.

   BookManager READ/MVS and BookManager BUILD/MVS are individually licensed
   programs for the MVS operating system.


Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, 2014