RACF Exits

z/OS Security Server RACF System Programmer's Guide describes the exits listed in Table 1.

Table 1. RACF Exits
Exit Description
ICHCCX00 Command exit
ICHCNX00 Command exit
ICHDEX01 RACF® password authentication
ICHFRX01 RACROUTE request=FASTAUTH preprocessing
ICHFRX02 RACROUTE request=FASTAUTH postprocessing
ICHPWX01 New password exit
ICHRCX01 RACROUTE request=AUTH preprocessing
ICHRCX02 RACROUTE request=AUTH postprocessing
ICHRDX01 RACROUTE request=DEFINE preprocessing
ICHRDX02 RACROUTE request=DEFINE postprocessing
ICHRIX01 RACROUTE request=VERIFY preprocessing
ICHRIX02 RACROUTE request=VERIFY postprocessing
ICHRLX01 RACROUTE request=LIST pre/postprocessings
ICHRLX02 RACROUTE request=LIST selection
ICHRSMFE RACF report writer
IRRACX01 ACEE compression/expansion
IRREVX01 Common command exit
ICHRFX03 RACROUTE request=FASTAUTH preprocessing
ICHRFX04 RACROUTE request=FASTAUTH postprocessing

z/OS Security Server RACF Callable Services describes the exit listed in Table 2.

Table 2. RACF Exit
Exit Description
IRRSXT00 SAF callable services router