#pragma filetag


Language element control


Specifies the code set in which the source code was entered.


1  # pragma filetag ( " code_set_name " )


See the z/OS XL C/C++ User's Guide for information about default code pages.


The name of the source code set.


Since the # character is variant between code sets, use the trigraph representation ??= instead of # as illustrated below.

The #pragma filetag directive can appear only once per source file. It must appear before the first statement or directive, except for conditional compilation directives or the #line directive. For example:
??=line 42
??=ifdef COMPILER_VER         /* This is allowed. */
??=pragma filetag ("code set name")
The #pragma filetag directive should not appear in combination with any other #pragma directives. For example, the following is incorrect:
  ??=pragma filetag ("IBM-1047") export (baffle_1)

If there are comments before the pragma, the compiler does not translate them to the code page that is associated with the LOCALE option.

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