bpxmtext - Display reason code text


bpxmtext [-d] reason_code | error_number


bpxmtext displays the description and action text for a reason code returned from z/OS® UNIX System Services, TCP/IP, zFS, TFS, and the C/C++ Runtime Library. It also returns information about error numbers. It can be run from the z/OS UNIX shell and the TSO environment. You can also enter that command through System REXX as an MVS™ system command.

This command is intended as an aid for problem determination. Reason codes such as those returned by HFS or NFS are not supported by this command. When an error_number is specified, the description for that error number is displayed.

reason_code is specified as 7-8 hexadecimal characters.

error_number is specified as 1-4 hexadecimal characters.


reason_code or error_number is provided as a decimal number.

Usage notes

  1. If no text is available for the reason code, a blank line is displayed.
  2. An argument that is not 1-8 hexadecimal digits in length results in a usage message. The message is not translated.


  1. The command:
    bpxmtext 058800B0
    produces data displayed in the following format:
    BPXFSUMT 08/18/98
    JRUserNotPrivileged:  The requester of the service is not 
    Action:  The service requested required a privileged user.  
      Check the documentation for the service to understand what 
      privilege is required.
  2. To find information for reason code 058800B0, issue:
    F AXR,BPXMTEXT 058800B0

Exit values

Successful completion.
Failure due to an argument that is not 1-8 hexadecimal digits.